Testimonials – Anxiety & Stress

The sessions have been life changing. I look back and find it hard to believe I lived with so much fear. I am now making changes in so many ways and have the confidence to do it.

DG, 38, IT consultant, 6 sessions

I’m flabbergasted, I can’t believe how quick I’m feeling so much better. The positive suggestions are really sinking in. At work I’m much more relaxed and free with my colleagues, I’m assertive in a way I thought I never could be.

AC 49, Dublin, after two sessions

Fiona, you really are incredible at your job. I always feel like a weight has been lifted off me after a session. Thank you so much.

NB, Dublin

Thanks so much Fiona, I can’t believe the change, you are a miracle worker. My confidence has soared and my mind is so much calmer.

J.S. Age 34, Dublin

I feel so much better and I have decided to complete my degree. I had a night out with my friends and was actually able to enjoy it without any panic or fear. I haven’t been able to do this for years.

GH, 22, student, Dublin after three sessions

I have learnt insights about my anxiety that would have taken years for me to achieve in many other type of talk therapies, including psychotherapy. I know how to manage my anxiety when it comes and best of all I understand why it is there. I have made a friend of anxiety when once I perceived it as my enemy.

BB, 36, Dublin

I now take my time and everyday I feel more in touch with both myself and the world around me. I have patience I never knew existed.

Emma, 28, Balbriggan

You have such a lovely healing way about you that I don’t think there are many people you couldn’t help. I feel calmer and more relaxed.

David, 62, Dublin

I feel so much stronger now, it is like a weight off my shoulders and the knot it my stomach has gone. I feel calmer and more able to cope with day to day things.

EJ, 32, Dublin. After four sessions

I am so much kinder to myself now, the racing thoughts are slower and I have a lovely sense of control. When the anxiety comes in I show it compassion with the techniques Fiona taught me. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Fiona, she has a way of understanding how you feel.

TK, 40, Dublin, after 6 sessions