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Empower Your Staff with Positivity & Reap the Rewards in Productivity

Fiona Brennan is the mental health expert in Clearmarine’s ‘Essential Guide to Female Hormones’. Download it here.

Watch the video of Lorraine keane interviewing Fiona for Cleanmarine.

Research shows that employees and managers all perform to a higher standard when they are in a positive frame of mind. Happy employees help to make successful companies. Fiona Brennan focuses on a wellness programme that is based on the principle of The Positive Habit, a five star digital programme that is transforming the lives of many people.  Click here to read the recent Irish Independent review.

The Corporate Wellness Programme takes your employees on a holistic journey that allows them to reach their full positive potential on both a personal and professional level.  The seminars are tailored to your company’s needs and issues and are highly interactive. They provide your staff with practical tools that allow them to communicate effectively with colleagues, deal with unwanted stress and negative thinking and to create a healthy positive mind-set that boosts focus and concentration levels while also allowing them to practice mindfulness.

Fiona also looks at how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program and to avoid the emotional pitfalls that can cause people to comfort eat or come home and flake on the sofa rather than going for a run or to the gym.

This stimulating and motivating wellness programme will include goal setting strategies, practical tools using a Cognitive behavioural approach (CBT) and also relaxation techniques including mindfulness to help your staff reach their full potential.

Please contact Fiona to enquire about corporate workshops and corporate access to The Positive Habit online therapy program.

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”Fiona Brennan is an outstanding speaker on the topic of positive well being as well as an acclaimed clinical hypnotherapist. She presented to a large group of HR managers at DCU on the MSc in HR Strategy with great skill, humour and insight. I strongly recommend her for speaking and teaching engagements- if you need inspiration and empathy- Fiona will provide it!”

Professor Patrick Flood

HR Group Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Co Director of the Leadership & Talent Institute, DCU